Your browser does not support JavaScript or currently does not have JavaScript enabled!  To use i-Juror, you must first enable Javascript by following the instructions below then click the button below.


You need Java Script enabled to use i-Juror
Either your browser does not support JavaScript or you have disabled it. There are no security problems in using Java Script ( it has been specifically designed so that it cannot read or write to disk ) If your browser does not support JavaScript, you can upgrade to a FREE newer browser such as Internet Explorer 11 ( follow the directions to Download )

Do you have JavaScript disabled?
If so the good news is there's nothing to download! You already have JavaScript in your browser - all you need to do is enable it then click the login button below.

To enable JavaScript Internet Explorer 11
Click Tools, then click on Internet Options. Click the Security tab. Click the Custom Level button. Scroll to the Scripting section. Allow Active scripting and Scripting of Java applets by checking the enable button. Click the OK button.

Google Chrome
Click customize and control Google Chrome in the top right corner, and then click Settings. Scroll down and click Show advanced settings. Click the Content settings button. Under JavaScript, check Allow all sites to run JavaScript. Click the Done button

In the Firefox address bar type about:config and press enter. Accept the warning. Scroll down to javascript.enabled. If true is not displayed in the value column, double click on the line to change the value from false to true. By default this setting is set to true.